New Construction Inspection Service

So you've decided to purchase a brand new home and you think, "It's new, so I don't need a home inspection." "Right?" You'd be absolutely wrong and could end up with some surprises down the road. Often the new home inspection will detect issues of incorrect or incomplete installation of critical systems. Most Builders give a 1 year warranty on the house with a 10 year warranty on the structure. It's simply easier to

The following are some items noted during a recent new home inspection: Ovens not wired for power, Master whirlpool not connected to drain system, Missing insulation in the attic space, Rafters pulling away from the nailing points, Attic fan thermostats not properly installed, Excessive vibration in the HVAC units. All of these issues were resolved before the new owners moved in. Can you image moving in and then trying to deal with these repair items?

Without a home inspection, problems may not surface until you were selling this home and moving up or out of the area. The buyers hire a home inspector that comes into your home and finds some or all of these issues right at a critical time in the home buying process. It is money well spent to have a home inspection completed on that new property.

New Construction
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